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Wisdom Teeth Extractions
Portland, OR

Woman holding jaw in pain due to wisdom teeth needing extractionYour wisdom teeth are the very last of your adult teeth to erupt. Where all of your other adult teeth erupt around the age of 13, the wisdom teeth, or third molars, do not erupt until your late teens to early 20s. These teeth are also the most likely teeth to become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause serious issues, which West End Dental can treat with wisdom teeth extractions.

What Causes Wisdom Teeth to Become Impacted?

The wisdom teeth can become impacted for several different reasons. Common causes include:
•  Insufficient space in your jaw.
•  Bone or soft tissue is blocking the path of the wisdom teeth, preventing them from properly erupting through the gums.
•  The teeth are growing at an angle, or sideways, rather than growing up and out through the gum tissue.

Issues Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When your wisdom teeth are impacted, it can lead to several serious issues. Issues caused by impacted wisdom teeth include:
•  Overcrowding. If the there is not enough space in your jaw to accommodate your wisdom teeth, the emerging teeth can force your other teeth out of alignment. This leads to overcrowding, which alters your bite, can increase your risk for tooth damage and affects your abilities to bite and chew properly.
•  Localized infections. A partially erupted wisdom tooth is more difficult to effectively clean. Improperly cleaned, the tooth is at an increased risk for developing a localized infection called pericornitis.
•  Cysts. A cyst is a fluid-filled sac that forms as a result of infection or tooth impaction. Without treatment, it continues to grow larger and can destroy bone in your jaw.
•  Damage to adjacent teeth. If the wisdom teeth are angled toward the adjacent teeth, they can grow into these teeth. If the wisdom teeth make contact and continue to grow, they can damage the adjacent teeth, which can cause serious complications or even the need for the adjacent teeth to be extracted.

Extracting Impacted Wisdom Teeth

There are two ways in which teeth can be extracted, a simple extraction and a surgical extraction. Simple extractions are fairly straightforward. Done under a local anesthetic, a specialized tool called an elevator is used to loosen the gum tissue and periodontal ligament from the tooth. Next, forceps are used to move the tooth back and forth to widen the tooth socket. Once wide enough, the tooth is lifted out. If necessary, a stitch may be used to close the socket.

Extracting impacted wisdom teeth is usually done with a surgical extraction. This is a more involved procedure done in more complex situations. The procedure is done under a local anesthetic and sedation may also be provided. Incisions are made in the gums, exposing the impacted wisdom teeth and surrounding bone. We then work to extract the teeth. This process might require removing a small amount of bone or sectioning the teeth and removing them in pieces. Once the procedure is complete, the surgical wounds are sutured closed. Once your wisdom teeth have been extracted, there is no need to worry about replacing them.

Extracting impacted wisdom teeth can help to alleviate your pain, restore your oral health, and improve your quality of life. For more information, and to schedule your appointment, call West End Dental at (503) 446-2957 today.
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Impacted wisdom teeth can cause serious issues, which West End Dental can treat with wisdom teeth extractions. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

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