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When Should A Tooth Be Extracted?
Portland, OR

A female dentist holding an extracted tooth at West End Dental in downtown Portland, ORWhile our dentists want to do everything we can to save your natural tooth, and many of our procedures are all focused on repairing natural teeth, unfortunately we cannot always save your tooth. If a tooth cannot be saved, we will need to extract the tooth to save the rest of your mouth. Our dental team at West End Dental knows exactly when to repair your teeth and when tooth extraction is necessary.

If you need your teeth extracted, then something has gone wrong in your mouth. Our team can often fix most problems with a tooth repair. We can clean out the decay, replace decayed pulp with fillings, and strengthen damaged teeth with implants. However, extraction is something that we do under extreme circumstances.

Why Teeth Are Extracted

One of the reasons that teeth are extracted is due to excessive tooth decay. Typically, one tooth is badly decayed due to a cavity, poor oral healthcare, or other damage. The rest of your mouth is okay, and we do not want to risk removing all of your healthy teeth. If the decay has a risk of spreading across your mouth, we will extract the tooth to prevent further decay.

Additionally, if one of your teeth gets infected, we will perform an extraction as well to prevent the infection from spreading. Tooth extraction is one of the last resorts of dental care, but if we cannot prevent damage in a tooth from spreading to the healthy teeth, we will extract it.

How Does Extraction Work?

Dental extractions are not painful, and you do not need to be worried about them. Typically, you will come in for the procedure and be sedated through an IV drip. After you are unconscious, then your mouth will be numbed with an anesthetic and our dentist will loosen your damaged tooth with a tool called an elevator. We try our best to remove it from the jawbone at this time.

After it is loose, we pull it out with forceps and then place gauze on the wound to prevent bleeding and use ice to prevent swelling. You will need to bite down on the gauze to help the blood clot and seal the wound. Afterward, you only need to rest and recover for 24 hours before resuming back to your daily routine.

Do Not Be Worried About Extraction

While extraction is not something you need to worry about, since our team is invested in saving your tooth rather than removing it, it can still be a possibility. If we do need to extract your tooth to save the rest of your mouth, then do not be afraid. The entire procedure is painless, and we work to get you a new tooth as quickly as possible.

If you need to have a tooth extracted, then our team can help you. Our dentists at West End Dental are all licensed and trained to make sure that your extraction goes smoothly and successfully. Then you can get back to having a new smile. Call our team at (503) 446-2957 to schedule your appointment.
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Our dental team at West End Dental knows exactly when to repair your teeth and when tooth extraction is necessary. Call our team at today to schedule your appointment.
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