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Sleep Apnea Assessment
Woman in bed putting pillow over her ears so she can't hear her snoring husband that suffers from sleep apnea - West End Dental in Portland, ORSleep tests to detect conditions such as sleep apnea include a nocturnal polysomnography, where the individual is hooked up to monitors that help track the heart rate, brain activity, and breathing of the individual while they sleep. While home tests are also available at West End Dental, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible treatment for your sleep apnea. Our highly professional Doctors have helped countless individuals who were kept awake at night due to sleep apnea and can do the same for you.

Snoring or Sleep Apnea: What's the Difference?

The first challenge to treat both sleep apnea or snoring with or without sleep medicine is to make the right diagnosis. The upper airway's airflow is altered in both cases which sometimes makes it difficult to differentiate the two conditions. Also, while people who have obstructive sleep apnea frequently snore, not everyone with the condition tends to snores, and some people that snore do not have the condition.

Breathing stops or slows down for longer than 10 seconds at a time during sleep in people with obstructive sleep apnea. Because of this, obstructive sleep apnea is a significant sleep disorder that results in low blood oxygen levels, short and partial awakenings, fragmented sleep, and daytime drowsiness.

Naturally, one would want to distinguish between sleep apnea and snoring. Even if there is no foolproof way to distinguish between the two, it is nevertheless beneficial to be aware of the possible indicators that snoring may be connected to obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring or Sleep Apnea: Diagnosis

You should stop taking any over-the-counter medications before the test, unless instructed otherwise by the dentist. Avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol on the day of the exam since they may affect the outcome. Pack comfortable pajamas, a magazine or book, and a favorite pillow.

If you are participating in a sleep apnea screening, you will be placed in a private bedroom. There will be a central monitoring center close, where technicians keep an eye on patients who are asleep. You will have access to a private restroom; simply notify the technicians when you require its usage so they can disconnect the wires that link you to the monitoring apparatus.

Testing Options

There are two commonly used testing options that are used for the diagnosis of sleep apnea or snoring in individuals. These include nocturnal polysomnography and home sleep tests that are available at your nearest sleep center or hospital. With the polysomnography, you will be connected to a variety of monitoring devices throughout the test, which will track arm and leg movements as well as other factors while you're sleeping.

You may be given simplified tests to perform at home by your healthcare professional in order to identify sleep apnea. Your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, breathing patterns, and airflow are typically measured during these exams. If central sleep apnea is suspected, your provider is more likely to suggest polysomnography for your own safety.

If you would like to have a sleep apnea assessment, contact us at (503) 446-2957 to schedule an appointment.

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West End Dental, will provide you with the best possible treatment for your sleep apnea. Our team has helped countless individuals who were kept awake at night due to sleep apnea.
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